Passport Services

Which type of Passport Application is right for you?

If you don’t know which type of passport application you need, read the following questions to find out which type of passport application is for you.

New Passport

New Passports are for first time passport applicants age 16 or older. Also for adults that have had a passport before but that passport expired over five years ago. We are a private company that expedites US Passports. Apply directly through the government if you don't need your passport professionally expedited. read more »

Passport Renewal

Passport Renewals are only for adults that currently have an adult passport (10 year validity) in their posession. If you currently have an adult passport OR your adult passport has expired within the last five years, then a passport renewal is what you need. If your passport is damaged in any way you cannot apply for a renewal, you must apply for a damaged passport. read more »

Lost / Stolen Passport

If you have lost your adult passport (10 year validity) then a lost passport application is what you need. You will need to submit either a birth certificate or an older passport when applying for this type of application. Begin by printing PART 1, PART 2, & PART 3 below. read more »

Child Passport

A Child Passport Application is for anyone applying under the age of 16 years old. Even if your child has had a passport before, your child still should apply for a child passport. Begin by printing PART 1, PART 2, & PART 3 below. read more »

Replacement for Damaged Passport

A Damaged Passport application is for anyone who has a valid passport that is damaged. Damage can be anything from the lamination peeling away from the photo page, or water damage, or the dog chewing it. The government generally is very quick to deem a passport damaged, so if you have any question it is probably damaged. read more »

Extra Visa Pages

If your passport is still valid and you need more blank visa pages within your passport, then an Extra Visa Pages application is what you need. read more »

Second Passport

Second Passports are issued by the US State Department only in certain specific situations. If you travel overseas very frequently you may need a second passport to handle the visa processing in one passport while simultaneously traveling on the second passport. Another reason is for Middle East travel. If you have an Israeli stamp on your passport you cannot travel to many Arab countries, therefore you can obtain a second passport for traveling to those Arab countries. You must document clearly why your need is warranted for this type of application. read more »

Passport Re-Application

A Passport Re-Application is the most rare type of passport application. If you were just issued an adult passport within the last year, AND your name has since legally changed, then you may apply for a passport re-application. If your name has changed but your passport is over one year old, you must then apply for a passport renewal. read more »