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US Passport Service Guarantee

We guarantee all of our passport expediting services. For example if you choose the 4 day processing and you FedEx your documents to us on a Monday, we must receive the package on Tuesday morning by 8:00am (we submit to the State Dept. at 8:15am), the passport is completed and shipped on the fourth business day which would be Friday, and you have your passport delivered to you on Monday - guaranteed!   You are paying for expedited processing time during business days.  If you need assistance deciding which of our services to choose simply give us a call and we will give you exact timeframes based upon when you will ship your paperwork and when the completed passport will be delivered back to you.

There are a few rare circumstances that are out of our control regarding the processing timeframe guarantee. 

1)  If FedEx is late in delivering your package
2)  If the State Department Passport Agency experiences a power loss or computer system outage
3)  If your paperwork is not completed fully or properly the way our checklist indicates
4)  If you have child support arrears in excess of $2000
5)  If there is extreme weather causing a FedEx delay or Passport Agency closing
6)  If the State Department needs to investigate your identity and puts your application "under review"

Issues like these arise less than 2% of the time when we expedite customer applications.  The most important thing you can do as a customer is follow our detailed instructional checklist in a methodical detailed manner.  Generally when we see problems with applications it is because the customer did not pay close enough attention to the instructions.  You are free to cancel your order up until we receive your paperwork.  Once we receive and immediately submit your application you cannot cancel the service because the application is already in process with the US Department of State.  If you have any questions regarding our guarantee or any other matter please feel free to give us a call.  We look forward to serving you.