Passport Parental Consent

What if one parent cannot show up at the acceptance agent?

The non-present parent must fill out FORM DS-3053, which is PART 3 of the Child Passport print outs on our website. This form DS-3053 completed and notarized by the non-present parent. The non-present parent must also provide a photocopy of the driver’s license or state ID.

My child is 16, are both parents still required to show up to the acceptance agent?

Age 16 and older is an adult in the eyes of the government, so a child who is 16 or older can do this alone as long as the child has a valid state ID.  If the child doesn’t have a valid state ID yet, then both parent physical presence is required.  Both parent’s ID photocopy is still required.  Also, for 16 and 17 year old’s the parents should still sign our company’s “Letter of Authorization”.

These are the requirements surrounding parental consent for passport applications.